Burgers, Tacos, SSPs, FSPs & Cakeshakes

Not just your average Burger Bar

In our awesome burgers, simplicity and authenticity is the key. We are not limited to Burgers. Our kitchen produces amazing Ribs with home made sauces. 

Not to mention becoming the home of Schnitty Snack Packs AKA SSP (Patent Pending; yeah that’s right we invented this). 

If none of that impress you already how does Cake Shakes sounds? 

Burger will always remain an incredible cuisine around the world and a subjective one at that. We know your burger has to be more than a stack of bread, ground beef, or patties. Overwhelmed with flavours and topped with perfect portions of cheese, home made sauces, pickles, and more. We succeed in doing it every time a burger is served. We extend our passion for burgers by elevating the joy as you go about indulging in burgers ranging from our signature burgers to the ones that you will like as per your preference.

Our slow cooked Ribs are cooked for 8 hours and freshly made daily basis. That’s not the only secret to taste lies in our Ribs. Our home made sauces are playing a big part of it.

Schnitty Snack Pack (Patent Pending) AKA SSP are  creation of Chef Dan . House crumbed Chicken Schnitzel on Crispy Chips, Covered with Mozzarella Cheese sauce and varies of toppings. if this doesn’t make you happy, What else will ? 

Cake Shakes are one of another speciality in our shop. Inspired by Portello’s (Chicago), Thanks to comedian Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) mentioning Chocolate Cake Shake in one of his shows, now we have 10 flavours to choose from.

We hope our food goes beyond a meal and provides you’re a culinary experience that makes you feel special.
We always love to surprise you with taste.

Now, you can place your Order Online.

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Now, you can place your Order Online.

Or, download our Mobile App



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