Our Palmerston Restaurant’s Most Popular Takeaway Menu Items

The 2023 survey says Australians are tucking into takeaway more passionately than ever, with fish and chips, chicken schnitzel, and the classic burrito topping the charts as the nation’s favourites. Right on trend, District North Kitchen (DNK) proudly serves these beloved dishes with a twist. Our newly updated menu is not just in step with these statistics but also caters to the diverse palates of the Northern Territory, including those seeking gluten-free and vegan options. 

Here are our most popular takeaway menu items :

STEAK ME Out Tonight

DNK’s STEAK ME Out Tonight is a dish that promises experience in every bite. For only $24.00, this Sanga Rice includes a generous portion of porterhouse steak weighing 120g and is accompanied by toasted garlic bread. Topped with fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, smoky bacon, a perfectly fried egg, rich cheddar cheese sauce, sweet caramelised onion, and our signature DNK House Sauce, this dish is completed with a unique Captain Morgan Rum BBQ Sauce, creating an ensemble that is both familiar and thrilling.


Our CHOOK WITH BENEFITS is now available for $22.00. This chicken burger transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with Brookvale Union Ginger Beer battered fried chicken and a lavish serving of mac n cheese. The burger is further enhanced by a luscious cheddar cheese sauce, the heat of DNK Tropical Fiery Sauce, and crisp pickle, all encased within a soft burger bun. It’s a comforting and adventurous combination, perfect for those seeking a twist on the classic chicken burger.


GET SMASHED is the go-to choice for our customers who prefer gluten-free options. This $20.00 beef burger is a hearty meal featuring two beef patties weighing 100g. Accompaniments include bacon, caramelised onion, and cheese, creating a rich and satisfying taste. The DNK House Sauce and Captain Morgan Rum BBQ provide a sweet and tangy flavour, with pickles adding a necessary tang, all within a gluten-free burger bun, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the full flavours of our kitchen without compromise.

B & B (Gluten Free)

The B & B beef burger features a 100g beef pattie, succulent beef brisket, and a layer of crunchy coleslaw, enhanced by a slice of cheese, rich cheddar cheese sauce, and our signature DNK house sauce. For an extra indulgence, it’s finished with Captain Morgan Rum BBQ sauce and a pickle, all nestled between a soft burger bun. It’s not just a burger; it’s an experience.

Parmi Schnitty Snack Pack®

Our Parmi SSP® is a unique take on the beloved chicken parmigiana, transformed into a convenient schnitty snack pack. Savour the crisp chicken schnitzel bites drizzled with a garlic mozzarella cheese sauce lying atop a bed of golden chips. The Napoli sauce adds a tangy tomato note, while chopped bacon, a drizzle of our DNK house, and rum BBQ sauces bring a smoky richness to the dish.

Mac n Cheese n Bacon FSPT

Our Mac n Cheese n Bacon FSPT elevates the fried chicken snack pack. This hearty selection features tender fried chicken bites and chips drenched in a velvety cheddar cheese sauce. A generous portion of mac n cheese and chopped bacon are the heart of this dish, providing a comforting embrace of flavours. The DNK house sauce and DNK Tropical Fiery Sauce add a final flourish, creating a takeaway meal that’s both satisfying and memorably delicious.

DNK Shakes

Our shake selection is a celebration of classic flavours and inventive combinations. With prices starting from $8.00, choose from the timeless appeal of chocolate, strawberry, caramel, and vanilla, or indulge in the more decadent Biscoff and Nutella options, each promising a delightful finish to your meal. Also, try our Cakeshakes, at $12.00, are an indulgent escape, available in Chocolate Mud Cake, Red Velvet, Caramel, and Cookies n Cream variations.

DNK Kids Meal

Recognising the importance of catering to our younger guests, DNK presents a kids’ menu that is both enjoyable and pocket-friendly. Our MINI CHEESE Burger and CHIPS and the MINI-FRIED CHICKEN burger and CHIPS, each at $9.00, are perfect for little appetites. For those with a slightly larger hunger, the FRIED CHICKEN N CHIPS at $10.00 is an excellent choice, promising to please even the pickiest of eaters.

We Are Offering Catering Services

Here’s a sneak peek at our catering menu. We provide service across Darwin and Palmerston, bringing our beloved flavours to your events. 


  • Sliders:
    • Golden Fried Chicken
    • Classic Cheese Burger
    • Crispy Schnitzel
  • Snack Packs:
    • Schnitty Snack Pack
    • Fried Chicken Snack Pack
    • Loaded Chips
  • Soft Shell Tacos:
    • Tender Pulled Chicken Taco
    • Savoury Pulled Beef Taco
  • Slow Cooked Delights:
    • Juicy Beef Ribs (350g)
    • Succulent Pork Ribs (350g)
    • Flavourful Beef Brisket (250g)
  • Sides:
    • Crispy Chips
    • Crunchy Onion Rings
    • Fresh Coleslaw
    • Warm Garlic Bread
  • Sauces:
    • Signature DNK House Sauce
    • Creamy DNK Mayo
    • Rich Captain Morgan Rum BBQ
    • Smooth Cheddar Cheese Sauce
    • Stretchy Mozzarella Cheese Sauce


Final Thoughts

How often do you get takeaway food? If the answer is ‘not enough,’ then it’s time to change that with District North Kitchen’s exceptional offerings. Our doors and services extend beyond our premises, bringing a touch of our culinary excellence to your doorstep or your special events in Darwin and Palmerston. Embrace the ease and delight of our catering options for your next gathering. Visit our website or download our app from the Apple or Google Play stores to explore the menu, place an order, and let us bring the heart of our kitchen to you.